'Insidious: The Last Key' Star Joins Stephen King's 'Mr. Mercedes' Season 2

Stephen King dominated the world of movies and TV last year, with one of the lesser-seen [...]

Stephen King dominated the world of movies and TV last year, with one of the lesser-seen adaptations of his work being the Audience Network's Mr. Mercedes. The series may have flown under many audiences' radars, but it was a strong enough series to earn a second season, which just added Insidious: The Last Key and Grey's Anatomy star Tessa Ferrer.

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According to Deadline, "Ferrer will play Cora Babineau, wife of Dr. Felix Babineau (Jack Huston) and head of marketing at a major pharmaceutical corporation, who's even more ambitious than she is beautiful. If her husband has a genius for manipulating people from the inside out as he reaches into their brains and rewires them, Cora has a genius for influencing people from the outside in. Her beauty, brains and force of will, judiciously softened with poise and extreme charm, make her a formidable saleswoman, of whatever she's peddling."

The TV series is based on King's Bill Hodges Trilogy, which features the books Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch. Much like Game of Thrones, we can expect the upcoming season to explore the second installment in the book series, even if the show keeps the name of the first book.

"The master plan, which of course is always subject to change, is each book would represent a whole season, and Mr. Mercedes is the first season," showrunner David E. Kelley explained to The Hollywood Reporter last year. "Then we'll turn to season two and the second book, but we haven't congregated as a writing group yet and begun to kick around stories for year two, so it's premature to say anything beyond that. But the concept, in success, is we would do each book as an entire season of 10 episodes."

The source material might only consist of three books, but Kelley will happily make more seasons.

"Yes, initially, though in success it could go on beyond that," Kelley shared of the series running three seasons. "That's everybody's plan, isn't it? You keep going and going and you keep finding more new stories. But going into this, the idea is that we have three books and in success it would make for three seasons and then, who knows? Maybe longer if we're having fun."

Season 2 of Mr. Mercedes is slated to air this summer.

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