Campaign Launched to Establish National Horror Movie Day in October

national horror movie day campaign
(Photo: Black Vortex Cinema)

Since the birth of cinema, horror movies have always been a major hit with audiences, whether they delivered audiences tales of monsters running amok, masked murderers, or otherworldly spirits, with a group hoping to establish an official National Horror Movie Day in October. As anyone who frequents social media can tell you, people learn every day about things like National Dog Day, National Mustard Day, or National Roller Coaster Day, though there has yet to be an officially recognized day in honor of horror films. While Halloween might seem like an honorary day to celebrate the genre, the creators of the campaign have chosen October 23rd for the occasion, which coincides with The Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi's birthday.

The project was launched by the folks at Black Vortex Cinema, with horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) being one of the figures hoping to raise the $4,000 necessary to make the event official. A GoFundMe page was launched to secure the funds.

The crowdfunding campaign details the project, "In celebration of the world's greatest film genre, Black Vortex Cinema's Christian Ackerman, Felissa Rose, Chuck Foster, and Josh McKevitt have founded October 23rd NATIONAL HORROR MOVIE DAY! This is an opportunity for all horror fans to take part in creating this new national day, which falls on the birthday of one of the world's greatest directors, Sam Raimi!"

It continues, "The National Day Calendar (the folks in charge of National Days) only choose about 30 requests per year to make into an official National Day. In order to raise the $4,000 in fees to make October 23rd official, we're reaching out to the horror community for donations on GoFundMe. You can donate as little as $1 or as much as you like! Everyone donating $10 or more will be listed as a donor on the Black Vortex Cinema National Horror Movie Day web page forever! On top of that, we'll hold a drawing to give away one signed trilogy of our My Favorite Horror Movie books, along with two single autographed copies of each book and whatever horror goodies we can find to throw in (at least seven drawings)!"

Like many crowdfunding campaigns, the project includes multiple tiers that come with various perks.


You can head to for more information, as well as head to the project's GoFundMe page.

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