Heather Langenkamp Would Love to Reprise Her Nightmare on Elm Street Role in New Movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street helped solidify actress Heather Langenkamp as a seminal figure in [...]

A Nightmare on Elm Street helped solidify actress Heather Langenkamp as a seminal figure in horror, with her Nancy Thompson becoming one of the slasher subgenre's most memorable heroes. The actress went on to reprise her role for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and New Nightmare, with Langenkamp's Nancy being just as important to the franchise as Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger. The last film in the franchise was 2010's reboot, which was devoid of both Langenkamp and Krueger, though if the opportunity arose, the actress confirmed she would love to get the chance to bring Nancy to life once again.

"I would really love to reprise Nancy in a way, because I feel that there's more of that story to be told, certainly," Langenkamp shared with ComicBook.com. "But I don't know if there's anyone out there who is as imaginative as Wes Craven, who could figure it out. I just don't know. I don't see enough great storylines that would incorporate Nancy in any universe. I just don't know if that exists, but some brilliant person might be working on something. But I know the fans would love it so much, because I see them in these situations where they're so enthusiastic."

She added, "They're such great fans that the horror genre just doesn't seem to appreciate them enough. I constantly walk away with, these are people who have created a genre just out of pure love over the past 30 years. Their love of these movies has actually buoyed this genre in a way that no other genres, I think, can say that's the reason why they're so successful. And so, for their sake, I think, give them what they want. If this is what they want, they're telling me they want it, then why wouldn't you give people what they want?"

Prior to the reboot, the last film in the series was 2003's Freddy vs. Jason, which pit Krueger against Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. With only two films having debuted in the franchise in the last 16 years, and without a new film confirmed for the near future, studio New Line Cinema would likely have to make a big move with the series if it ever hopes to revive excitement for it.

"I know that movies are a business," the actress noted. "I hope that fans can express what they want and actually feel like people listen, that would be great. That would be great beyond Nightmare on Elm Street, just in general. You hear people say all the time, 'I wish there were more romantic comedies.' It's like, 'Well, yeah.' So it seems like the supply and demand sometimes don't meet up."

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