Preacher Star Dominic Cooper Teases the Sequence He Can't Wait for Audiences to See

The first three seasons of AMC's Preacher have delivered audiences countless memorable moments, whether they were hilarious encounters, dramatic reveals, or intense violence, all of which left an impact on the viewer. With the final season of the series now underway, fans are anticipating a number of exciting moments, not only from potential scenes from the original comic book being brought to life but also all-new surprises that feel unique to the world of the TV series. Of all of the things that star Dominic Cooper is looking forward to audiences witnessing, one fight scene, in particular, is what he's most looking forward to sharing with fans.

"There's a fight sequence that I worked very hard on that we managed to do in one take, which I thought was going to be cut down massively but it goes on and on and on, and I did all the choreography, I learned all the moves, and we did it as one piece," Cooper shared with when discussing his excitement for Season Four. "It's a very elaborate and very different looking stunt sequence. It's one of the best I've ever seen, certainly one of the best I've ever been part of."

The actor went on to note that the sequence wasn't overly elaborate just for the sake of entertainment, but also brought a narrative urgency.

"All credit to the guys that we were working with to put those together, because they always seemed to have a reason to move the story forward," Cooper admitted. "It's what I liked. In a very valued show, something like that can become gratuitous, that's what they managed to not do with it. There's one particular one, I can't remember which episode it happens in, Jesse finds out some terrible things that have taken place in his house and he takes absolutely everyone out. It's a really exciting, funny, at the same time shocking, sequence."

Interestingly, the first season of the series featured a similar fight scene which took place entirely in a motel room, yet audiences were only allowed to glimpse that mayhem through a hole in the wall, watching figures slamming each other all around the room. After pointing out those similarities, Cooper confessed, "Yes, that's so true actually. That's exactly it. And also when the camera pulls back on this moment, it's very similar to the actual graphic novel. I thought in the original comic book it looked like sequences with storyboarded pieces, or like a piece of film running through a projector. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. It's huge. And good fun to do."


Fans can check out new episodes of Preacher on Sunday nights on AMC.

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