'The Predator': Action-Packed Final Trailer Arrives Online

With the release of The Predator just around the corner, 20th Century Fox has just release the final trailer for Shane Black's new iteration of the classic action property. While this new trailer may have all of the carnage and violence contained in the first few promos, it also includes the unique brand of Black's comedy that his fans have gotten used to.

You can watch the full trailer in the video above! (Warning: This is an R-rated trailer.)

Unlike the trailers that have come before, this final look at The Predator really works to showcase the film's actual story. It begins with Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) showing up on the doorstep of Emily (Yvonne Strahovski), to talk with her about her ex-husband, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook). It's then made clear that Quinn has been taken into custody, though we're not sure why.

Quinn gets thrown onto a bus with a bunch of other men, many of them claiming to be mercenaries and psychopaths. When asked why he got tossed in with their group, he admits that he had a run-in with "space aliens." Of course, the men laugh at him, until their bus ride is interrupted by the Predators.

There's a comedic tone throughout this trailer that has been missing from the rest of the promos, with several characters providing the laughs. Keegan-Michael Key is an obvious source of the jokes, which many expected given his background in comedy. What you may find surprising is the amount of comedy from Sterling K. Brown, an actor who many know from his dramatic, Emmy-winning role on This Is Us.

In addition to the comedy, there is plenty of intense, gory action in this trailer, the kind of action that Predator fans have come to expect. At one point, a Predator causes a man to explode, sending blood all over the place. The footage also features new looks at the Predator hounds, which are terrifying in their own right.

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The Predator, directed by Shane Black, is set to hit theaters on September 14.