Scream: Neve Campbell Shares the "Most Important" Advice She Gave Melissa Barrera

It's been over 25 years since Scream initially hit theaters and the franchise has returned to its spot atop the box office. Still featuring Neve Campbell in the role of Sidney Prescott, Scream (2022) has grossed $59.9 million worldwide and will likely lead to future installments as Hollywood allows. Because of the bright future of the franchise, Campbell made sure to give new Scream lead Melissa Barrera some sage advice.

Her wisdom? Don't take things too seriously.

"I mean, yes, of course, it's important that we do a good job, but it's also really important to have fun," the star said in a recent sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter. That's when the commitment and the playfulness in the characters come. So as I said, they did a beautiful job, and I do think they had fun from what I understand. It seemed that they had as much fun as we did on our first one."

She added, "On the first one, we basically stayed together in a motel in Santa Rosa. We were all in the same hallway with our rooms next to one another, and it was very much like being at summer camp. And because of Covid, these kids all stayed at the same hotel under similar circumstances. They weren't going out with family or friends; they were really isolated with one another. They really got to know each other and bond, so it was lovely to see that."

As Campbell points out, it helps to be a huge fan of the genre.

"They're uber fans of the franchise as well so they knew the tone really well and they knew what they wanted to bring to it and they knew what the Scream films need when it comes to energy and playfulness," Campbell said. "I keep saying I didn't tell them anything, but Melissa [Barrera] reminded me that I told her to have fun. And to be honest, that is the most important thing on these films. You can't take it too seriously."

Scream continues its reign atop the box office, now with the honor of being the one film to dethrone Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home from its weeks-long run in cinemas.

Scream is now playing in theaters.