Kickstarter Launches to Screen 'Scream' at Iconic House From Film's Finale

A recent trend in the horror community is to organize screenings of iconic films in familiar [...]

A recent trend in the horror community is to organize screenings of iconic films in familiar locations, allowing die-hard fans to fully immerse themselves in the experience. In the case of Wes Craven's Scream, a group of fans is organizing a screening of the film at the location of the terrifying finale in Santa Rosa, California, which you can support and attend through Kickstarter.

In the film, the teens of a suburban town are subjected to horrible killings with no clear connection between all of the victims. As the story progresses, audiences learn that the killers have used their knowledge of horror films to craft the seemingly "perfect" murder, culminating at a fatal house party where the killers are confronted.

The event will allow you to tour the real-life filming location for the entire day, as well as attend a party in the iconic house before a screening of the film takes place. Prior to the evening festivities, top-tier backers will be given a bus ride of the community, which features eight different filming locations.

The property has multiple houses, with the backers who have contributed the most money to the Kickstarter being granted the opportunity to stay on the grounds, including the main party house.

scream movie ending real house
(Photo: Scream Comes Home)

As if all of the perks that come with the experience aren't enticing enough, another factor that makes this experience one-of-a-kind is that the homeowners, who currently rent the grounds out for weddings, will be moving into the house in the near future, preventing an event like this from happening again.

While this event might be unique to the Scream franchise, it's not the only horror movie experience being offered to dedicated fans in recent years.

The original Friday the 13th was filmed at a camp that is currently private property, though, for those hoping to spend the night on the grounds where Jason Voorhees terrorized camp counselors, the doors were opened for a special event in which visitors could tour the camp and even stay overnight earlier this year.

This October, Halloween fans will get to attend a special 40th-anniversary celebration of the film in Pasadena, California, the town which served as the shooting location in the 1978 slasher classic. If the convention alone wasn't exciting enough, guests will be able to walk the streets which were stalked by Michael Myers on that fateful night.

You can support the Scream Comes Home event by heading over to the Kickstarter. The event takes place October 27th-28th.

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