How Stephen King's Christine Unexpectedly Inspired Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs"

Stephen King stories have inspired creatives in a number of ways throughout his decades-long career, with one of the more unexpected ways in which his tales of terror has inspired a creative is Carrie Underwood drawing inspiration from his novel Christine for her song "Two Black Cadillacs." In a recently resurfaced behind-the-scenes video about the song, Underwood notes that a car coming to life conjured some compelling thoughts for the lyrics, while also noting that she's been a big King fan all her life. The song, which was released in 2012, would become a 2× Platinum-selling single, with reports emerging over the years that a miniseries was being developed based on the lyrics.

“I had this idea… if the car did the killing — a la Christine, the Stephen King book,” Underwood shared in the featurette. “I just thought that would be a cool little twist to the story.”

Underwood felt so inspired by King's story, that she even reached out to him to get permission to record and release the song.

“So I did reach out to ask if he might give his blessing, and I told him, ‘I would never want to do this if you didn’t sign off on it first,'” the singer pointed out.

The song itself explores a narrative in which two women realize that they are in a relationship with the same man, with the pair uniting to kill him. In King's novel, a teenager purchases an old car and restores it, only for the car to come to life to kill his bullies.

Underwood went on to detail just how long she's been a fan of the famous author.

“I really don’t know why I’ve always loved horror movies, but I know why I’ve always loved Stephen King. My mom was such a huge fan,” she explained. “I guarantee you she’s read everything he’s ever written. I would borrow her books and read her books. This is great reading for, like, you know, a grade-schooler, right?”


In one of the more fast-moving developments of the author's, King's Christine was published in April of 1983, with a movie adaptation of the novel directed by John Carpenter landing in theaters that following December.

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