'Stranger Things': Joe Keery Promises to Shave His Head If David Harbour Wins Golden Globe

Stranger Things has proven itself as more than just a pop culture phenomenon, with even acclaimed awards organizations recognizing the show's accomplishments. Fans of the series might want to cheer for star David Harbour to win the Golden Globe Awards he snagged a nomination for, but his co-star Joe Keery promised to shave his head if Harbour took home the award.

david harbour joe keery shave head instagram
(Photo: Instagram, dkharbour)

The pledge took place on Instagram after Harbour announced his excitement to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series. Keery, whose username is "uncle_jezzy," commented that, were Harbour to win, the show's creators would be the ones doing the shaving.

Keery plays Steve on the series, having earned a devout following not only for his performance of the character but also his impressive hairstyle. In fact, the second season of the series involved a brief dialogue between Steve and one of the younger characters involving Steve handing out hairstyling tips.

Seeing the interchange on social media, many of the series' fans expressed their displeasure of the idea, but fans will have to wait until January 7, 2018 to see if Harbour takes home the prize.

Were Keery to go through with his pledge, it might only be the second-most memorable result of the series winning an award.

Earlier this year, the series was awarded Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. With the cast consisting of talent from a variety of age ranges, it was hard to deny the amount of talent on display in the rookie series.

The cast's win at the SAG Awards became one of the most viral moments of the year, as Harbour used the opportunity to address not only his gratitude at the accolade, but shared a passionate plea to stand up to bullies.

“We will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no home,” Harbour shared. “We will get past the lies. We will hunt monsters. And when we are lost amidst the hypocrisy and the casual violence of certain individuals and institutions, we will, as per Chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy.”

Not only did the speech itself inspire memes, but co-star Winona Ryder, who wasn't prepared for the rousing statements, reacted with a wide variety of facial expressions, setting fire to social media for her response.


Both seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix.