'Stranger Things' Creators Plan To Do Four Or Five Seasons

Popular TV series have been known to stay on the air longer than fans need them too, resulting in [...]

Popular TV series have been known to stay on the air longer than fans need them too, resulting in a series growing tired and stale, effectively wearing out their welcome. The Duffer Brothers, creators of the Netflix sensation Stranger Things, have made it clear they have a trajectory in mind for the series, with star David Harbour recently sharing that this plan could extend to five seasons.

"I just trust these guys. The idea is to do four or five seasons, the Duffers have said, and I feel like, if we can do Season 2, we can do 3, 4 and 5 with no sweat," Harbour shared with Collider. "Right now, the world is so open. Hopper, at the end of two, kind of adopts Eleven, and the Upside Down still exists, even though we closed the gate. There's just so much story there, with the tension with Joyce, his adopting of Eleven, and his relationship with all the kids, even the teens, and then you have all of these backstories."

The Duffer Brothers themselves have previously claimed the series would last four seasons, so whether Harbour was speaking somewhat flippantly or if the Duffers have decided to extend the series another year is currently unknown.

Harbour went on to detail more of his character's background, which could help inspire more stories in upcoming seasons.

"He went to Vietnam, and we haven't gotten into that, at all," Harbour pointed out. "In the '60s, he was in Vietnam, and then he went to New York and was a cop there for awhile, around the time of Frank Serpico. The tapestry is just so huge and wide and beautiful. Even the sh*t with his daughter and the death of Sara, there's so many secrets there. I felt like they had to prove that we could do it again and open up the world, but once you open up the world, it's a buffet, going forward. I see it as an open buffet, as opposed to a burden. We can feed you guys so many wonderful things. We can now feed you so much stuff 'cause we opened the world."

The actor also addressed the pressures of creating such an exciting show and how, for as passionate as fans can be, that passion can turn into anger.

"For me, the big hurdle is having this lightning in a bottle moment, where the stars aligned and you created a beautiful, amazing show that people loved, and can you do it again?" Harbour questioned. "Once you do it a second time, it's smooth sailing from then on out. I'm not nervous. I'm in the minority of that, though. There are other people – and I won't name names – who are like, 'The fans can turn on you! Look at what they're doing with Star Wars!' Apparently, they're upset about Star Wars."

With Season 2 of the series only just debuting in October, we shouldn't expect to see Season 3 of the series until some time in 2019.

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