'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour Teases a "Lot More Love" in Season 3

In the first season of Stranger Things, the most prominent romantic relationship was a love triangle between Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan, though there was an abundance of emotions felt throughout the rest of the series' characters. Season Two of the series saw more potential romantic relationships revealed and, sadly, saw some relationships come to an end. The events of the last season have set up the possibility that new romantic relationships could emerge, yet one of the series' strengths is how much audiences connect with the characters without relying on expected romantic tropes to advance the story. Star David Harbour recently promised that the third season will continue that expression of emotion among the characters.

"It's bigger, and it's more Spielbergian. I felt Season One was very Stephen King, Season Two was very Spielberg, and we get even more Spielbergian in our aesthetic," Harbour shared with Collider. "It's got a lot of color to it this year, we really get into the '80s more; it's '85, Hopper has a whole new getup, he's got a mustache — we're leaning into it in a really fun, interesting way."

He continued, "Also it's got a lot of love, and it always has from the very beginning. That's the thing that's very special about the show, it has tremendous heart. I always get choked up when I watch it, and this season is no different. It takes a lot of risks, but in its essence it's going to smack you in the heart. It's really funny and it's really beautiful and there are some big, big surprises."

In the first season, fans began theorizing that Harbour's Hopper could form a relationship with Winona Ryder's Joyce, only for her to begin dating Sean Astin's Bob in Season Two. With Bob's passing, fans are wondering if this "Jopper" relationship will move forward, with producer Shawn Levy previously teasing it as a possibility.

"It's not gonna not happen," Levy shared with Variety last fall.

"We are fans of Jopper, we are also fans of combining strength with strength among our cast, right?" the producer noted. "So last season, Season Two... that was all about Hopper and Eleven, Millie [Bobby Brown] and David, let's see what happens if we pit them against each other. There's a lot of Winona and David in Season Three."

Fans will find out more about the potential Jopper relationship when Stranger Things lands on Netflix on July 4th.

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