New Stranger Things Comic Trailer Reveals New Character

A new character makes her debut in the trailer for Stranger Things: SIX, the next comic book based on the hit Netflix series from Dark Horse Comics. Stranger Things: SIX takes place before the first season of Stranger Things. The trailer reveals this new character, Francine, using her psychic powers to save herself and her mother from being crushed under a falling tree while driving through the woods. This display of power gets her sent to the Hawkins National Laboratory, presumably where she is given the label “Six,” and where she stays until at least 1978. She’s monitored by Dr. Martin Brenner, aka Eleven’s “Papa,” as he and his team test her abilities. The trailer shows Six lashing out in a fit of frustration and opening up a crack into the Upside Down. You can watch the trailer above.

Stranger Things: SIX is a four-issue miniseries from writer Jody Houser and artist Edgar Salazar. Houser also wrote Dark Horse’s first Stranger Things miniseries, which she light on Will Byers’s time in the Upside Down during the events of the first season of Stranger Things.

“I was a fan of the show before I worked on the book,” Houser told in an interview. “I actually shaved my head to be Eleven for Halloween back in 2016! Being among the first people to tackle the property in another medium was a real honor, and getting to play in the world was a lot of fun.

“In the first series, we obviously kept the narrative closely tied to the events of Season One, although there was a lot of room to play with what Will went through in the Upside Down. Since Stranger Things: SIX is a prequel series, we have a lot more room to play with new characters and storylines.”

Here’s the official synopsis for Stranger Things: SIX: “A teenage girl with precognitive abilities, has struggled through a lifetime of exploitation only to end up the pawn of a government agency that wants to harness her powers for its own ends. You've seen the show Stranger Things, but this is your first glimpse of the strangeness that happened before the series began! The first prequel comic series for Stranger Things.”


Are you excited to meet Francine in Stranger Things: SIX? Let us know what you think about the new series in the comments section. Stranger Things: SIX #1 goes on sale May 29th.

Source: THR