Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Cancels Con Appearance

The fourth season of Stranger Things featured the debut of Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, which turned the actor into an overnight sensation. Fans of the Netflix series immediately fell in love with Eddie, and he even caught the attention of other celebrities. Earlier this week, a video of Quinn went viral after he broke down in tears during a Q&A at London Film and Comic Con. It's been reported that the convention oversold the actor's meet and greets by 400 tickets, which led to staff yelling at him for taking too much time with each fan. The actor got emotional during the Q&A when fans thanked him for sharing his time. Quinn was supposed to appear at German Comic Con next, but the official Instagram account for the con revealed that he had to cancel. However, it does not seem related to the reported incident in London. According to the post, Quinn will not be attending due to issues with his passport. 

"Guys – we're going to make it short and painless now because you just can't talk about this disaster: JOSEPH QUINN, unfortunately, can't attend the GCC LTD Edition as he got his passport for a US working visa with the UK," the con shared. "And he can't enter Germany without a PASS! The chances of him getting the passport back before boarding tomorrow is zero. No way too get provisional pass ... We really tried everything today and contacted all authorities and contact points. No words for the disappointment and frustration on all levels. Joseph is also extremely sad that he has to let us all down at such short notice. We are currently discussing with his management when the next possible date for his visit would be – more information will follow asap. We are about to push the refunds and we really hope that you will get them back before the event. Please keep in mind that if you have purchased tickets from strangers/third parties that refunds will go to that person. You then need to contact this person to get your money back. All the other stars are still there and are looking forward to you and us!" You can view the post below... 

"I just wanted to show someone that felt real," Quinn recently said of Eddie when talking to Netflix. "And what was so fun was doing that with someone that looked so extraordinarily kind of odd – to me, anyway ... I think, as human beings, we're all very multifaceted. There are situations we're in where we feel like we can be very assertive and brave and bold and command space. And then there are situations where you don't feel like that, and you can feel the opposite, but you're still the same person."

All nine episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things are now streaming on Netflix.