The Crow Reboot Reportedly Back in Development at Sony

Much like Eric Draven himself, the reboot of The Crow just cannot seem to die. Sony Pictures has [...]

Much like Eric Draven himself, the reboot of The Crow just cannot seem to die. Sony Pictures has been trying to reboot the film franchise for years but has yet to make anything happen. Things got close back in 2018 when a Jason Momoa-starring Crow film was entering pre-production, only to be mysteriously axed when Momoa and director Corin Hardy walked away. Just when it seems like this reboot will never fly, Sony is making yet another push for the production.

On Wednesday, Bloody Disgusting reported that Sony Pictures was once again putting its efforts into The Crow. The studio is now retooling the idea for a franchise reboot, placing the project back into active development. There are now writers, directors, or actors currently attached to this version of the project at this time.

The rights to produce and distribute The Crow were previously acquired by Davis Films, Highland Film Group, and Electric Shadow. According to the report, all three are apparently still active in giving The Crow another shot at life on the big screen.

The Crow was originally a comic book character created by James O'Barr, but found its popularity in 1994 with the release of the first live-action feature film adaptation. Brandon Lee starred as Eric Draven in the film, but was tragically killed in the final days of production in 1993. Director Alex Proyas and his team were eventually able to complete the film after receiving the blessing from Lee's family. The Crow has since received a cult following and fans have long been eager to see the character rebooted, despite the film's lackluster sequels.

There's no telling exactly what timeline Sony is following for this new reboot project. The Momoa/Hardy version was initially slated to hit theaters on October 2019, but Sony pulled the film the year before.

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