The Losers Club Assembles in New IT CHAPTER TWO Photo

With the premiere of IT CHAPTER TWO just months away, Warner Bros. Pictures is starting to let fans peek behind the red balloon ahead of its showcase at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Now the Losers Club comes to the forefront in their second showdown with Pennywise the Clown in brand new images from the upcoming Stephen King adaptation.

Entertainment Weekly just revealed the covers for their special Comic-Con issue, showcasing incoming actors Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, James McAvoy, and more as they square off against Bill Skarsgård's evil clown. Take a look in the images below!

The new movie tackles the second half of King's epic horror novel, with the first film becoming a massive success at the box office. But director Andy Muschietti doesn't feel the pressure of delivering on fan's vaunted expectations. Instead, he's taking the success of IT and using it as a cushion.

“In general, I feel more comfortable. I have more toys,” Muschietti explained to Entertainment Weekly. “On the first one, I was struggling to get a Technocrane [a massive telescopic crane for a camera] on certain days. But now the Technocrane is always there!”

He added, “I think that everything that people love from the first one, like the humor and the emotions and the horror, will all be there and cranked up, in some cases.”

The sequel is making some deviations from the novel, but writer Gary Dauberman previously explained that the adaptation presents a challenge in staying true to the story and keeping audiences guessing.

“There’s a lot of challenging things, but it really is an editing process of like... you know you’re not going to get all the f—ing great scenes in there,” Dauberman said to CinemaBlend.


“You know, they always say you have to kill your darlings. But it’s like, [they’re] not. They are my darlings, but I’m such a fan of the books and the scenes, and so it’s a challenge to sort of decide, ‘Okay, well I really like this, but I love that. Is there a way to get the two ideas in there and maybe put it somewhere else?’ It’s one of those things where I tried to preserve as much as I can of the book, in the spirit of the book, and why it works.”

IT CHAPTER TWO premieres in theaters on September 6th.

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