'The Meg' Writer Addresses Film's Changes From Book

For as excited as audiences get when they find out that a novel they love is getting adapted into [...]

For as excited as audiences get when they find out that a novel they love is getting adapted into a feature film, along with that joy comes disappointment at the ways in which the source material will need to be changed. With fans of the shark thriller novel The Meg seeing how changes were made for the upcoming feature film in its first trailer, the novel's author took to Facebook to address many of those changes.

"I know there are some of you who are disappointed that the movie varies from the book," author Steve Alten shared in a post which has since been deleted. "I completely understand, and take it as a compliment. However, you are basing your opinion on a few minutes of trailers – and some seriously great footage. The Mariana Trench looks incredible in the International trailer. As far as the Meg being albino – they tried. Albinos in real life don't look natural, in CGI they look fake. I applaud their decision."

While it's easy to blame Hollywood for making certain changes and decisions, the author confirmed that he was involved in the writing process, helping make the necessary decisions for the adaptation.

"When New Line reverted the rights, I wrote the next script with producer Belle Avery," the author confessed. "That is where the final movie script sprang from."

Star Jason Statham has become aligned with a certain over-the-top sensibility in the action world, thanks to his involvement in The Fast and the Furious and Crank films, doubting whether he was the right choice, though the author offered his endorsement of the actor.

"As for Jason Statham – I LOVE THE CHOICE! Geez, the guy went shark diving to prepare for the role – you think I go shark diving before I write a MEG book?" Alten pointed out. "He's a man of action, just like Jonas, and he's clever. And Jason is INTO THE ROLE! We're blessed to have him as JT."

The internet has already responded positively to the first trailer, though Alten has lofty goals for the film's box office totals.

"MOST IMPORTANT – this is a really amazing movie…one that I believe will earn in excess of a BILLION DOLLARS and spawn some even better sequels," the author confessed.

Fans will see how much of a success The Meg is when it hits theaters on August 10.

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