The Munsters: Rob Zombie Teases Full-Color Look at the Iconic Family

Principal photography continues for Rob Zombie's The Munsters reboot, with the filmmaker showing off the first full-color look at the eponymous family Tuesday morning. Sheri Moon Zombie's Lily Munster can be seen in the photo during a break on set, flanked by Jeff Daniel Phillips' Herman Munster and Daniel Roebuck's Grandpa Munster on either side.

"A view for my monitor," Zombie shared early Tuesday. "Three very tired Munsters trying to conserve their energy between takes. It's been a tough one for this trio. Three hours in makeup – 14 hours of shooting – one hour of clean up. Then a drive back to the hotel, grab a few zzz and straight back on set. It's definitely the end of a long day here. Outside the stage the [sun emoji] is definitely beginning to rise. Working from sunrise to sunrise."

A view from my monitor. 💀 Three very tired Munsters trying to conserve their energy between takes. ⚡️ It’s been a tough...

Posted by Rob Zombie on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Written and directed by Zombie, the film has been shooting in Budapest for the better part of six months. Despite the filmmaker's extensive resume of hard-R projects, Zombie has confirmed his take on Munsters will be a family-friendly PG version.

"I really hope audiences walk away feeling entertained and laughing," Roebuck previously said of his time on the flick. "That's all we really hope for making any movie, well, unless it's a drama. If all goes well and people really like, maybe we'll get the chance to do it again. I just hope people realize that they'll have a whole new version of The Munsters that can live and co-exist side-by-side with the original version of The Munsters. No one wants to replace it, we all love it so much. We just want to shine a spotlight on it with our approach which I think is the best way to look at it."

The movie has officially been rated PG with evidence that it will be distributed by Universal Home Entertainment, suggesting it will eventually be released as a Peacock exclusive, despite no announcement having been made as of yet.

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