Celebrate Scully's Best 'The X-Files' Moments in New Video

After reluctantly being partnered up with Fox "Spooky" Mulder, FBI Agent Dana Scully regularly used her skepticism to get to the root of a variety of paranormal phenomena, becoming one of the defining sci-fi heroines of the '90s. In honor of The X-Files returning with Season 11 next week, the series' official YouTube account has compiled some of Scully's most impressive moments, which you can watch below.

Despite fans' excitement that actress Gillian Anderson was returning for Season 11, alongside David Duchovny, the actress revealed this is most likely the end of the line for her portrayal of the character.

“No, no, I think this will be it for me,” Anderson told the press at New York Comic Con.

Much like the actress seems definite in her retirement from the series, she also knew exactly why it was important for her to return for this season.

“Because it felt like it wasn’t over,” Anderson pointed out. “It didn’t feel like we necessarily delivered everything the fans were expecting of us last time, and so it was that.”

Season 9 of the series concluded in 2002, but much of the original cast and crew reunited for 2016's six-episode Season 10. The season ended on a cliffhanger, making for a frustrating finale to many fans, as it was unclear if the series would ever give audiences a resolution.

With the impact Scully has left on the world of science fiction since her debut, Anderson was questioned about whether or not she'll miss portraying the character after this upcoming season.

“I don’t know,” Anderson admitted. “You may need to talk to me in a few years about that once I finally shut the door. You know, there’s always been this ‘maybe one more’ thing hanging over, but when the door is finally shut, call me up and ask me that question again.”

The actress first reprised her role following the Season 9 finale in the 2008 film The X-Files: I Want to Believe. It was another eight years before she played the Agent in Season 10, so we can't help but wonder how many years it might be before she is tempted to pick up her badge and flashlight to face the unknown once more.


Tune in to the season premiere of The X-Files on Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 PM ET on Fox.

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