Twilight Zone's New Year's Eve Marathon: How to Watch and Full Episode List

The new year is almost here, so you know what that means. Tonight will be filled with celebrations as friends and families prepare for 2020. With just hours left of the current decades, SyFy is ready to say goodbye to 2019 with a special sendoff, and it has to do with Twilight Zone.

Yes, SyFy is back at it again with its annual Twilight Zone marathon for New Year's Eve. The marathon will show off a slew of fan-favorite episodes, and you can catch it now if you turn on the TV.

The marathon is airing on SyFy right now as it began on December 31 at 6:00 am EST. It will carry on until January 2, 2020 at 4:00 am EST. This means you will be able to binge Twilight Zone on New Year's Day as well... that is, if you are up for the spooky challenge.

With just under 48 hours to marathon, SyFy is airing a sample of iconic Twilight Zone episodes. You can check out the full schedule of episodes below (via Do You Remember), so be sure to make down when your favorites are playing!

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019
6am: One for the Angels
6:30am: Mr. Denton on Doomsday
7am: The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
7:30am: Walking Distance
8am: Escape Clause
8:30am: Perchance to Dream
9am: Judgment Night
9:30am: And When the Sky Was Opened
10am: What You Need
10:30am: The Four of Us Are Dying
11am: Third From the Sun
11:30am: The Fever
12pm: The Last Flight
12:30pm: The Purple Testament
1pm: Elegy
1:30pm: A World of Difference
2pm: Long Live Walter Jameson
2:30pm: People Are Alike All Over
3pm: Execution
3:30pm: The Big Tall Wish
4pm: A Nice Place to Visit
4:30pm: Nightmare as a Child
5pm: A Stop at Willoughby
5:30pm: The Chaser
6pm: A Passage for Trumpet
6:30pm: Mr. Bevis
7pm: Where Is Everybody? (series premiere episode that first aired Oct. 2, 1959)
7:30pm: Time Enough at Last
8pm: The Hitch-Hiker
8:30pm: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
9pm: Eye of the Beholder
9:30pm: The Invaders
10pm: It's a Good Life
10:30pm: Five Characters in Search of an Exit
11pm: The Dummy
11:30pm: Living Doll

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020
12am: The Mighty Casey
12:30am: A World of His Own
1am: King Nine Will Not Return
1:30am: A Man in the Bottle
2am: Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
2:30am: A Thing About Machines
3am: The Howling Man
3:30am: The Lateness of the Hour
4am: The Trouble With Templeton
4:30am: A Most Unusual Camera
5am: Night of the Meek
5:30am: Dust
6am: Back There
6:30am: The Whole Truth
7am: A Penny for Your Thoughts
7:30am: Twenty Two
8am: The Odyssey of Flight 33
8:30am: Mr. Dingle, the Strong
9am: Static
9:30am: The Prime Movers
10am: Long Distance Call
10:30am: A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
11am: The Rip Van Winkle Caper
11:30am: The Silence
12pm: Shadow Play
12:30pm: The Mind and the Matter
1pm: The Obsolete Man
1:30pm: Two
2pm: The Arrival
2:30pm: The Shelter
3pm: The Passersby
3:30pm: A Game of Pool
4pm: The Mirror
4:30pm: The Grave
5pm: Deaths-Head Revisited
5:30pm: Still Valley
6pm: The Jungle
6:30pm: Once Upon a Time
7pm: The Lonely
7:30pm: I Shot an Arrow Into the Air
8pm: Mirror Image
8:30pm: The After Hours
9pm: Nick of Time
9:30pm: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
10pm: The Midnight Sun
10:30pm: To Serve Man
11pm: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
11:30pm: The Masks

Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020
12am: A Quality of Mercy
12:30am: Nothing in the Dark
1am: One More Pallbearer
1:30am: Dead Man's Shoes
2am: The Hunt
2:30am: Showdown With Rance McGrew
3am: Kick the Can
3:30am: A Piano in the House


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