What We Do in the Shadows Season Finale Sets Up Big Changes for Season 2

FX's What We Do in the Shadows is inspired by the film of the same name, depicting a humorous take [...]

FX's What We Do in the Shadows is inspired by the film of the same name, depicting a humorous take on the concept of a documentary crew following the relatively mundane lives of vampires who all share an apartment. The series has mainly only taken the premise from the original movie, with the long-form narrative allowing the series to deliver audiences not only all-new characters, but also unexpected storylines. The first season finale aired this week and delivered a shocking reveal for one of the characters, which is set to alter the status quo in the already announced second season. Co-executive producer and writer Stefani Robinson recently teased how fans could expect to see this twist incorporated into the next season.

WARNING: Spoilers below for What We Do in the Shadows

Throughout the first season, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) has been fulfilling all of his duties as a human familiar in hopes of becoming a vampire himself one day. Instead, the finale revealed that he is a descendant of Van Helsing, confirming that his fate is to hunt vampires.

"Before all the vampire-killing stuff, I would like to explore Guillermo as a human being," Robinson shared with IndieWire. "He's got a family, he has friends, and he went to school. He's very much a person that lives in the present day with vampires and delving into his real world and how he balances the two, what lies he has to tell to his family. Does he go home for Thanksgiving?"

The original film was relatively self-contained, though the TV series has allowed the mythology of the world to expand. Fans can expect to see even more world-building in the second season.

"I think what also makes the show and movies so fun are these sort of bigger universe elements in that, you know, the idea of a whole lineage of vampire killers and that sort of thing, just sort of broaden the world in a really interesting way," Robinson noted. "Our options for him are actually pretty exciting."

While we shouldn't expect the series to run rampant with all manner of otherworldly creatures, there are plenty more supernatural shenanigans on the horizon.

"There's an unending list of supernatural characters both familiar and unfamiliar," Robinson confirmed. "And we have the luxury of taking things up to see what we could comment on about society or not. That's the beauty of the show too; it can just be silly and funny through these supernatural characters."

Stay tuned for details on What We Do in the Shadows Season Two.

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