Back to the Future Reunion Announced, Hosted by Josh Gad

Frozen and Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad will host a reunion of the cast of Back to the Future, the actor announced via his Instagram account today. As part of his Reunited Apart series on YouTube, Gad will bring together (virtually) the cast of Back to the Future, including Lea Thompson, who joined Gad in a YouTube video to make the announcement. The fan-favorite series continues to loom large over popular culture, making headlines every time the principal cast members come together and inspiring a fan-made remake of Back to the Future Part II, created during social distancing last month.

Thompson joined Gad to promote the gathering, although it's not yet clear exactly who will be there for the reunion. Certainly it would be difficult to get Crispin Glover to do it, since he has a long-standing feud with the filmmakers. There were 11 people on a Zoom call that Gad teased earlier this week, with everyone except Gad, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael J. Fox blacked out.

With the inclusion of Thompson, Gad now has 7 guests still a mystery. There are plenty of folks left for him to draw from, including two different Jennifers.

You can see the video above. In it, Gad plays out a scene reminiscent of Marty's "waking-up-with-his-mom" sequences from the films, with Thompson gamely playing along, with both of them poking a little fun at the current state of the world and the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Gad already brought together the cast of The Goonies recently, in a series of videos on his YouTube page including a look at Avengers: Infinity War villain Josh Brolin's favorite movie experience.


The episode will air on YouTube on Monday at noon ET/9 a.m. PT, with likely more teases to come (since Gad has been dropping teaser videos every two days this week). The reunion special will support Project Hope which, on its website, describes itself an organization that works on the "front lines of the world's health challenges, partnering hand-in-hand with communities, health care workers and public health systems to ensure sustainable change." His The Goonies episode got 2 million views and was on a pace to raise about $30,000 in support for The Center for Disaster Philanthropy when Gad revealed them earlier this week. If you want to marathon the Back to the Future trilogy in advance of the episode, you can check them out on Netflix.