Burger King's Pretzel Bacon King Officially Introduced

burger king pretzel bacon king
(Photo: Burger King)

There's no need to mess with chicken sandwiches when you're busy perfecting the pretzel bun, right? At least, that's probably the thought of some Burger King executives after the fast-food chain officially introduced its Pretzel Bacon King to locations across the country. Available for a limited time, the sandwich is available one of two ways — Single or Double, meaning you get either one or two quarter-pound hamburger patties.

In addition to the classic flame-grilled burger, each sandwich is topped with a couple of slices of bacon, American cheese, and both mustard and mayonnaise, all sandwiched between a toasted pretzel bun. Earlier this month, news surfaced Burger King had sneakily introduced the sandwich to some United States-based stores after a successful test in Canada. It' unclear how long exactly the new sandwich will be available so you might want to grab it whenever you can; pricing starts at $6.49.

YouTuber TheReportOfTheWeek — perhaps more commonly known as #Reviewbrah — found the pretzel bun a bit too chewy for his liking in his review posted earlier this week. Another YouTuber, theendorsement, had a much more favorable review of the burger, saying the sandwich has a "perfectly made pretzel bun."

Social media buzz seemed generally positive in regards to the launch. @erickstevens82 says BK makes his favorite burger and the new pretzel bun only makes it better. @MJBurroughs liked the sandwich enough to post a portrait with a somewhat NSFW response.


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