Chuck E. Cheese Debuts The Shark Cupcake in Time for Shark Week

Shark Week kicks in just a few weeks and while fans of the Discovery Channel are getting excited for the network's week-long programming devoted to sharks, even Chuck E. Cheese is getting in on the fun as well. As part of their annual Summer of Fun celebration, Chuck E. Cheese has launched a new jumbo Shark Cupcake that's ready to swim into your celebrations — even the non-Shark Week ones!

The new Shark Cupcake is a jumbo-sized vanilla cupcake and as you can see in the image below, is designed to look like a shark with gray icing, a fin, eyes, and paper wrapping to give the cupcake its toothy grin. The Shark Cupcake is just one of a handful of new menu items available for Chuck E. Cheese's Summer of Fun. That list also includes Sweet Chili Hawaiian Pizza, Dippin' Dots Summer Crunch, and the Summer Family Fun Pack (available for Delivery and Carryout only). The new menu items are available through August 28th, while supplies last.

(Photo: Chuck E. Cheese)

"These last couple of years have forced families to reconsider many of their plans and today, Chuck E. Cheese is making it easier for families to say YES! to games, pizza, and just being silly together," said Sherri Landry, Chief Marketing Officer of CEC Entertainment. "Our New Summer Fun Pass is the best value in entertainment this summer, making it easier for moms and dads to say YES! to family fun again and again, and every week, Summer Fun Pass members will receive special offers to add even more value to their summer playcation experience at Chuck E. Cheese."

As for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Discovery describes this year's event, "Get your heart pumping this July with the return of television's longest-running, and most anticipated summer event, Shark Week! The annual TV event returns for a historic 34th year with bigger sharks, bigger breaches, and even bigger findings from the teams of dedicated scientists and researchers in the field beginning Sunday, July 24th on Discovery Channel and discovery+.

"This year features non-stop action as Shark Week takes viewers to new locations -- from the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas to Papau New Guinea. The week spotlights innovative shark technology and research to find breakthrough information on these elusive creatures and their mating and migration patterns in addition to the findings of a new, undescribed species.

"The Impractical Jokers have spent a decade attempting to out-dare and humiliate each other and now they're ready to use their antics for the greater good -- shark education! For the first time these comedians are taking on Shark Week embarking on a hysterical adventure that could only come from the Impractical Jokers."

Shark Week kicks off on Sunday, July 24th. Chuck E. Cheese's Summer of Fun is taking place now through August 28th.