Dwayne Johnson Shares Touching Message for Hawai'i Amid Devastating Maui Fires

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a touching message to all those fans who have struggled due to the recent wildfires in Hawai'i.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the latest major celebrity (and Fast and Furious movie star) to be speaking up about the recent Hawai'i Wildfires, in order to help boost awareness and aid to the region. In one of his signature lengthy speeches over Instagram, Johnson took a break during a Sunday workout to both reflect on his blessings and bestow blessings on those who are in the most need at the moment. Johnson's Samoan background, and his time living in Honolulu, Hawai'i during high school make him one of the most high-profile ambassadors to the Pacific Island region – right up there with actor Jason Momoa (Fast X) who already voiced his support for Hawaii'i while the fires were still burning. 

In the caption to his video post, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had the following to share:   

All my love & strength back home to Hawaii as our Maui community grieves, yet still staying so strong in the spirit of resilience and mana.

We come together. We overcome.
That's who we are as a culture and what we do.

Thank you to all of you around the world, continuing your support with uplifting prayer, resources, money, supplies etc.

And to our kanaka OG's and community/cultural leaders – I love you and thank you for leading the way.
Guiding us as we anchor our mission of making sure that even in the wake of such destruction and heartbreak – our Hawaiian land, forever stays in the hands of our Polynesian people.

We are one.
Love you and see you soon face to face.

Stay strong,
dj ❤️

stay safe today SoCal, we're riding this storm out.

As for that last line: Hollywood and the rest of southern California are currently having the opposite problem as Hawai'i, as furious tropical storms are battering the state with rainfall and high winds. Residents cleared out store shelves hoping for provisions to help them ride out the storm, so Johnson's well wishes are very timely, on that front. 

Dwayne Johnson had something of a rough year in 2022, with both of his big DC films (League of Super-Pets and Black Adam) failing to strike it at the box office the way Warner Bros. had hoped. The Rock's public reaction to Black Adam (and DC Studios being announced) sparked minor controversy and rumors of in-fighting between the star and the studio

However, things turned around quickly for The Rock this year: Fast and Furious fans got a big surprise when Johnson turned up in the post-credits scene for Fast X, soon followed by the announcement that his character, lawman Luke Hobbs, was getting his own film to fit between Fast X and Fast X: Part 2. That film's development has (obviously) been stalled by the current Writers' and Actors' Strikes that are taking place.