Elf on the Shelf Face Masks Are Becoming a Thing

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, wearing a face mask to help reduce the spread of the disease has become required in many places. In fact, the widespread requirement for and use of face masks have made them a major part of day to day life and that means they're showing up in a festive way for the holiday season -- and we don' t just mean in terms of holiday-themed masks. Now, the popular Elf on the Shelf is just the latest thing that the pandemic is influencing as people start incorporating the "accessory of the year" to their displays.

Thanks to some truly creative crafters on Etsy (via PopSugar), there are plenty of Elf-sized face masks out there that people can choose from for their Elf on the Shelf. A number of shops have popped up selling the tiny-sized face masks in a variety of styles, prints, and patterns or printable masks people can make themselves all to allow for the traditional scout elves who are repositioned through homes (usually by parents) during the holidays in inventive scenes as the elves keep an eye out to make sure the kids are being good.

For kids, the Elf-sized masks could be a comforting thing. After all, with quarantine's and stay at home orders a part of daily life currently many kids will likely be worried about Santa and the elves health and well-being. However, The Lumistella Company, home of Elf on the Shelf, has tried to reassure Elf fans that there's no chance the Scout Elves or Santa will get sick. Turns out, they're immune to human illnesses.

"All Scout Elves are 100% healthy, since they are magical beings form the North Pole, they do not get human sicknesses and do not need to quarantine or wear masks," the statement on the Elf on the Shelf website reads. "But they do like to set a good example for humans and may choose to model safety protocols for their families. In a year when many are longing for a comforting return to the celebrations of the season, Santa's Scout Elves are ready to bring joy and good cheer to all."


To further that "joy and good cheer", Elf on the Shelf HQ is offering their own take on face masks. The website now sports a link where parents can print their very own Elf masks on a home printer

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