Frank's RedHot Wants to Add Spice to the Holidays With New Marinade Injector

While it may seem like it was just Halloween, Thanksgiving is now just over two weeks away. That means that instead of thinking about all the trick or treating candy or even the pumpkin spice all the things, it's time to shift focus to holiday meals and while side dishes a usually a major fan favorite — so much so that some even have created special plates just for sides — the folks at Frank's RedHot want to spice up the main dish. On Monday, the brand announced the launch of their all-new Frank's RedHot Marinade and Injector, a new tool for the holidays that lets cooks bring iconic hot sauce they already put on everything into their holiday meats, turning up the heat for the holiday season.

According to the brand, the RedHot Marinade is crafted from the brand's original cayenne pepper sauce that was used to create the original Buffalo wings in 1964. All cooks have to do is assemble the injector included in the package, pull it into the needle, and inject into the dish of choice to infuse it with the marinade before cooking. Some suggestions on things to try it on include turkey and pork chops, but this innovation also adds a little spice to things like air-fried tofu and smoked veggies as well. There are no limits to what you can use it on — and if you are using it on turkey, it cuts down on your prep time by eliminating the need to brine as it also tenderizes the meat and makes it juicy.

To get your hands on a Frank's RedHot Injector Marinade, you can go here to order online. The injector is also available in select stores (and you can check the website to find one near you). Price may vary by retailer. You can also find recipes for how to use your new injector, including the RedHot Fried Turkey recipe here.

The RedHot Injector Marinade is just the latest innovation from Frank's. Last year, the brand debuted a hot sauce dispenser for the holiday season that let fans of all things spicy have Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce ready and on demand in a handy dispenser perfect for parties. And if the injector isn't exactly the perfect hot sauce-related item for you, the McCormick shop does have a variety of other Frank's RedHot items available as well, including hats, t-shirts, and even a set of bibs, just to name a few.

The new Frank's RedHot Marinade Injector is available now.

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