Hugh Jackman Wears Only Boots In Hilarious New Commercial and Ryan Reynolds Has Jokes

Hugh Jackman has a hilarious new commercial in which he's wearing nothing but a pair of boots, and his friend/rival Ryan Reynolds is already dropping jokes about it. Jackman appears in a new ad for Australia's famous R.M. Williams leather boots, the premise of which has Jackman grossly mistaking the company's "Wear Only..." policy for its famous endorsers. Instead of only wearing R.M. Williams brand boots, Jackman comes to a meeting with the company's executive wearing no clothes but the boots. After seeing Jackman hanging out in an office in the buff, Ryan Reynolds' only takeaway was: "Is that the chair from my office?"

This being an Australian advertisement, Jackman and the director are allowed to go way further with the joke of the X-Men star hanging out nude than American commercials would ever permit. You can bet the farm that there's already a bunch of Internet hackers trying to 'unmask' the blurred shots of Hugh Jackman's crotch.

It was only predictable that Ryan Reynolds would seize on such an opportunity to poke fun at Hugh Jackman doing this kind of ad - in fact, by the time this article was being written in, Reynolds posted that joke about naked Hugh Jackman sitting in his chair, proving that the two X-Men movie stars just can't help feeding into their "Faux Feud" at every opportunity.

Hugh Jack Nude RM Williams Boots Ad Ryan Reynolds Reaction

The funny rivalry began around the time of Deadpool 2 when both Jackman and Reynolds were at the height of their respective X-Men movie fame. When Reynolds asked Jackman to appear in Deadpool 2 it was too late, as Hugh had already finished his last performance as Wolverine, in the hit film Logan. Jackman passing on Deadpool 2 set off a chain of social media trash-talk that has been ongoing for the last few years, with both Jackman and Reynolds finding new ways to pleasantly jab at each other over any new venture or milestone the other man achieves.


As of late it' been Reynolds who has been pulling the most hijinks. The Deadpool star pulled a Photoshop invasion of one of Hugh Jackman's recent travel photos; when Jackman launched his new coffee line, Reynolds hijacked the narration of its advertisement. Even when Jackman tried to enjoy a nice little dance with his pet dog, Ryan Reynolds was there to clown his friend. And on it goes...