Jake From State Farm To Be Part Of DC FanDome

The DC FanDome event, which will run tomorrow and then pick up again in September, has lined up a number of corporate tie-ins, from a Vudu sale on DC films to free deliveries from Postmates. The latest? A crossover with Jake from State Farm, the James Bond-like (in the sense that he has been recast at least once) spokesman for the insurance company who first appeared during a popular ad campaign in 2011, will apparently have a role in DC FanDome, according to "his" Twitter account. You can see the video below.

The nature of his appearance isn't yet clear, whether he will participate in one of the panels or just be a sponsored ad taking place during the programming. You can see a video teaser below.

This weekend’s offerings will be the 8-hour Hall of Heroes program (repeated twice for a total of 24 hours) with a few new additions that include things like The Flash TV show. A full updated schedule will be released.

On September 12th, much of the content fans were super excited to see from the multiple islands within DC FanDome (such as WatchVerse, KidsVerse, and YouVerse) will now be housed on this date at DC FanDome: Explore The Multiverse. At that time, it will be available for you to watch throughout the 24-hour period with a ‘shape your own schedule’ tool. DC Kids FanDome will also launch on this date at its own kid-friendly companion site at DCKidsFanDome.com.


Now, the official DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes event still coming on August 22 will feature a scaled down version of the schedule as most of the promised Hall of Heroes content will be delivered, with addition from some of the other islands. It all begins at 1pm ET / 5pm PT, as fans will be virtually transported into the DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes. This is described as an epic world designed personally by DC Comics legend Jim Lee, featuring special programming, panels and exclusive reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series, games, comics and more. The eight-hour show will be available for fans around the world to watch exclusively 3x in the 24-hour period.

A trailer for DC FanDome released on Tuesday morning confirmed a look at The Batman when director Matt Reeves proclaimed, "There was no way I could come here and not bring a look at the movie."