Kanye West Reveals Running Mate for 2020 Presidential Election

The ongoing saga of Kanye West's late bid for the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States continues rolls on as the self-anointed musical genius takes another major step in Wisconsin. In the latest filing, West has officially declared his running mate for his campaign and it appears like his claims to make Wyoming pastor Michelle Tidball will serve as Vice President should they take the Oval Office. However, West faces very unlikely odds as his campaign has already missed key deadlines in states such as South Carolina, Kansas, New York, Maryland, and Nebraska.

Tidball is a self-described "biblical life coach" and operates an online bible study program called Abundant Ministries, though little else is known about West's pick for Vice President.

The latest development in West's impromptu presidential campaign is the most recent in a bizarre series of weeks for the producer, which included a tearful rant in South Carolina in which he stated that he considered terminating the pregnancy of his first child with wife Kim Kardashian; the rant took place during his first campaign rally in which West failed to mention any platforms or policies he would make as President of the United States.

According to TMZ, sources close to West are worried for his mental health and Kardashian even took to Instagram to state that her husband is in the midst of a bipolar episode and that his family is attempting to get him help. West later tweeted that he wanted to divorce Kardashian, insinuating accusations of infidelity with rapper Meek Mill, before backtracking and apologizing for going public with his claims.

West is currently preparing the release of his latest studio album Donda: With Child, which he has teased on social media over the last few weeks. The album was originally slated to be released on July 24th, but instead Taylor Swift dropped her latest album Folklore as a surprise release; West's album was a no-show and he's offered no updates after Swift dominated the sales and streaming charts.


The rapper has a habit of making headlines near the release dates of his projects. West infamously stated "Bill Cosby innocent" before the release of one album, leaked a private phone call with Swift as well as a music video in which celebrity look-alike appeared nude, and announced major support for Donald Trump which prompted backlash among his peers in the music industry.

There's no clear path for Kanye West to claim the presidency after missing so many deadlines; his support for Donald Trump makes the move all the more perplexing to political pundits who question what is West's ultimate goal. West and Kardashian are reportedly on a private vacation with their family with hopes of repairing their relationship, according to TMZ.