Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Previous Flat Earth Comments

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown (18) has mostly handled being a young celebrity with grace and tact, but there have been one or two stumbles along the way. One such incident was when Brown was just 14 and exploding into fame on the momentum of Stranger Things' first two seasons. Like so many modern celebrities, Brown was caught in a compromising live stream moment when she was seen on a TikTok live echoing Flat Earth theories. Well, in the four years since then Brown has revised her Flat Earth theories, and she had a lie detector test to prove it! 

Millie Bobby Brown sat down for Vanity Fair's Lie Detector Test video segment, in order to promote her Netflix sequel film Enola Holmes 2 with Henry Cavill. It was during the test that Brown admitted to the incident when she was fourteen (2018) and said on a TikTok live that she thought the Earth was flat. When asked if she still believes Flat-Earth Theory now, Brown had a clear answer: "No."

While the machine verified her response as true, Brown doesn't really help her case when immediately following-up by saying that she has never actually seen the curve of the Earth while taking airplane flights – a phenomenon many people point to as actual evidence of Earth's curvature. The technician giving the test has to quickly step in, reminding Brown that she's seen satellite pictures of a curved Earth, and giving the actress means to give an affirmative answer to the matter, once and for all. Because for a second there, it still didn't seem like she fully believed it... 

What Is Flat Earth Theory?


Flat Earth theories go back to ancient human civilizations like Ancient Greece and the outdated belief that the Earth was a flat plane or disk, rather than a sphere as modern science now understands it. Inexplicably, the modern digital era (and social media/Internet misinformation) has given rise to a new generation of "Flat-earthers," who have embraced the ancient theories as truth.