Playmobil's Back to the Future Set Earns Doc Brown's Approval and My Own

Not every Back to the Future fan can afford to buy a Delorean, but it seems Playmobil has earned the Doc's approval with their newest set dedicated to the film trilogy. Last year, the toy brand wowed attendees at New York Comic Con with the unveiling of its Back to the Future set. The two sets dive into the first film by bringing Doc Brown, Marty, Einstein, and the Delorean to life. And after building the kit, I can say this Playmobil set is one of the best you can get of Back to the Future for its price.

back to the future playmobil IMG_4951

After receiving the two packs, the main Delorean kit impressed me with its packaging art, and its pieces were nicely packaged in individual packs. As for the mini set, the 1995 versions of Doc Brown and Marty were assembled in box, and the packaging was easy enough to disassemble. Plus, its plastic windows allowed for fans to take in Marty's slick red guitar without opening the box which will be a plus for collectors.

The main set was easy enough to build as it took a half hour at most. The stickers were easy to position on the Delorean as well as the kit's accessories. The main set comes with a box of plutonium and the controller for the car. I had no problem getting them in place, and each piece was easy to assemble as the Playmobil parts clicked into place.

back to the future playmobil IMG_4955

Currently, this Back to the Future set is priced at $50 USD for pre-orders, and it is worth every penny for fans of the franchise. The Delorean is impressively detailed in its interior, and while the figures of Marty and Doc are fairly plain, the entire package sets itself apart from other build kits without breaking the bank.

As for the Delorean, the car is a standout for Playmobil given its battery-charged lights. It was slightly difficult getting the battery casing open for the car, but it was easy to install once charged. The car has two light modes; One where the Delorean's blue lights are static while the second flashes in time-travel mode.

back to the future playmobil IMG_4960
back to the future playmobil IMG_4957

The lights are perfectly bright and were easier to install than other build kits on the market. When you consider the Delorean can transform into the flying mode seen in Back to the Future, this kit is hard to fault. The only issue I ran into was the kit's directions which had several inset maps. These directions were difficult to read, so younger kids may need help discerning which pieces go where.


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