Popeyes Brings Back Fan-Favorite Cajun Turkeys (With Delivery This Time)

As October is already halfway over, brands have already started turning their eyes to November and the bustle of the holidays. Tuesday, Popeyes announced it's bringing back its holiday staple—the Cajun-Style Turkey. Not just that, but for the first time in the company's history, the turkey can be delivered to your doorstep.

As with years past, Popeyes fiends can still pick up a Cajun Turkey in person at their local store. This year, however, the chain is rolling out a website where anyone in the United States (with the exception of those in Hawaii and Alaska) can order one of the turkeys delivered. Orders are now open for delivery beginning October 24th.

The Cajun-Style turkey comes pre-cooked and frozen, meaning you'll just to thaw and re-heat. According to the chain, each turkey should feed between eight and 12 people, and currently retails for $94.99 with shipping included. It's expected in-person pickup is much cheaper, with some stores reportedly selling the birds for as low as $39.99 last holiday season.

"We have perfected our pre-cooked Cajun-Style Turkey so all you have to do is thaw, heat, serve & enjoy," the new Popeyes website reads. "Don't miss your chance to order our delicious, juicy Holiday Turkey."

The website says your turkeys should arrive anywhere from one to three business days after they've been ordered and shipped. Each order comes with just the turkey, meaning you'll also need to make sure your sides are covered, whether you get Popeyes sides in-person or have your aunt bring some mashed potatoes.