SnoBall Recall Announced By Hostess

If you have a pack of SnoBalls in the pantry, you may want to double-check some information on the box to ensure the cakes don't fall under a recent recall by Hostess. According to a news release from the snackmaker, certain SnoBalls cakes were mistakingly packaged within the wrapping of Hostess Chocolate CupCakes. As that ingredient list doesn't make note of the shaved coconut included in SnoBalls treats, Hostess has launched a voluntary recall because of the status of the ingredient as an allergen.

The release — distributed by Hostess and the federal government's Food & Drug Administration — there was only one batch of SnoBalls packaged within the CupCakes packaging. If you're wondering if your SnoBalls fall under the recall, looking for UPC #888109010096. The batch number affected is I031321000 and the treats should have a "Best By" date of May 27, 2021.

"The products were sold to convenience stores, dollar stores, and distributors throughout the United States," the FDA release shares. "No injuries or illnesses have been reported to date. Consumers who have purchased the affected product are urged to discontinue consumption and contact the place of purchase about returning them for a full refund."

The treats typically come in two-packs and are cream-filled cakes with a marshmallow and coconut coating. They come in various colors and flavors. Hostess CupCakes, on the other hand, are the iconic chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting with a white frosting swirl. Considering the FDA lists coconuts as a tree nut, the recall was automatically triggered.

Hostess SnoBalls are the only products impacted by this recall.


Interestingly enough, this time last year stores could hardly keep Hostess products stocked. At the time, the global pandemic was causing panic buying of several products, including Hostess cakes. "We are seeing that," Hostess CEO Andy told Yahoo Finance at the time. "We are benefitting likely in the short-term due to traffic. That's the great thing about Hostess, we are there to celebrate things. We are there to comfort things. So we are seeing a slight uptick in traffic. It's too early to tell, a lot of our point of sale data lags."

Cover photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images