This Cat Looks Like Steve Buscemi and Will Haunt Your Nightmares

There are few things more popular on the internet than cats, but what if your cat bore an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity? Would you be able to resist letting everybody know? If that celebrity was, for example, Ghost World and Reservoir Dogs star Steve Buscemi, who himself has one of the most distinctive looks in Hollywood, how would you react? If you were the owners of Marla, a shelter cat with the Instagram handle Buscemi_Cat, you would make sure that everyone knew all about it. You can see an image of the cat, juxtaposed next to the actor, below.

If you check out the Instagram feed, it also has some other celebrity comparisons, including Jerome from Gotham, but we're going to stick with the classic Buscemi. That seems to fit ol' Marla the best.

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The picture that started it all #stevebuscemicat #buscemicat #catsofinstagram #funnycats

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The cat has also inspired fan art and, yes, a TeePublic storefront. Don't act like you're surprised.

Buscemi is, among other roles, known for parts in The Death of Stalin, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, and Boardwalk Empire. He's currently starring in Miracle Workers on TBS.

Marla is of course the latest in a string of animals brought to internet fame by social media, although the thing that might differentiate her from the Grumpy Cats of the world is the fact that her viral fame is tied into her resemblance to Buscemi, a figure who himself is a cult hero and constant source of meme fodder.


Anyway, you can check out plenty more from Marla at the link above.