Marvel's The Inhumans Director Begins IMAX Camera Testing

Although filming of Marvel’s The Inhumans doesn’t officially begin for another month director Roel Reine, shared this morning that he’s begun testing IMAX cameras for production purposes.

The Dutch filmmaker took to Twitter to share a picture of himself holding an IMAX camera while a fellow cast member appeared to be adding an attachment to the camera.

While relatively new to directing TV shows, having recently directed an episode of the Starz hit series Black Sails, Reine has several film credits under his belt. Reine is another large addition to the creative team behind the show as showrunner Scott Buck had been previously announced. Buck most recently served as showrunner for Iron Fist, a Marvel property set to debut on Netflix this March. Prior to his introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Buck had served as a writer and executive producer on both Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s Rome.

While The Inhumans is slated to be a part of the Fall slate of shows on ABC, Jeph Loeb and company decided to take a unique approach when it came to debuting their latest show. Prior to premiering on television, the first two episodes will be shown in theaters on IMAX screens across the country.

For the better part of its existence, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has dealt with several different variations of Inhuman-based characters although we haven’t seen any members of the Inhuman Royal Family of the show. Much to the delight of fans, The Inhumans is set to based exclusively on the Royal Family so come September, we’ll be finally seeing live action versions of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Crystal, Triton, and Gorgon.

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Marvel's The Inhumans will air the first two episodes in IMAX theaters on September 4, 2017, while the show will debut on ABC on September 26.