Elodie Young Says Elektra Could Get Taken Down by Alien's Ripley

When you play a formidable and deadly martial artist in a project that happens to also star the legendary Sigourney Weaver it's expected that someone will ask you if your character could take on Weaver's iconic Lt. Ellen Ripley from the Alien films. It should come as no surprise then that The Defenders' Elodie Yung has revealed who she thinks would win in a fight between Elektra and Ripley and her answer might surprise you.

When Screen Rant suggested that Elektra would beat Ripley in a toe-to-toe fight, the Yung didn't sound confident in Elektra's chances.

"I wouldn't dare say that. I have to disagree with you," Yung said.

And it isn't just Ripley that Yung shows great reverence for. The actress said that she felt like working with five-time Oscar nominee Weaver helped her as an actor and had nothing but high praise for her costar.

"She's generous and tries different things every single take. I remember our first big scene together and I struggling. I placed a lot of pressure on myself, but she just put me at ease and helped me all while staying in character. She's fantastic to work with and is just a lovely, lovely woman. I truly love her," Yung said.

As for how Elektra’s interaction with Alexandra, you can catch The Defenders streaming now on Netflix.

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