'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa Dresses As Spider-Man For Halloween

Halloween weekend is in full swing, and Riverdale star KJ Apa is channeling a certain Marvel wall-crawler this year.

Fellow Riverdale star Camila Mendes recently shared a few snapshots from a Halloween party on her Instagram story. Apa can be seen dressed as Spider-Man in a few of the posts, even getting a piggyback ride from Riverdale co-star Charlie Melton, who was dressed as Spidey foe Venom.

screenshot 20171029-145631 1024
(Photo: Camila Mendes / Instagram)
screenshot 20171029-145631 1024
(Photo: Camila Mendes / Instagram)

The actor, who plays Archie Andrews on the hit The CW series, has been pretty outspoken about his love for Spider-Man in the past. He (very) frequently tweets about the Marvel Comics hero - asking fans to bring him a Spider-Man suit, contemplating if he should get a tattoo of the hero, and saying that he wants to be Spider-Man in real life.

Quite a few people have taken a liking to Apa's love for the hero, sending him plenty of Spider-Man memes and even photoshopping his face into Spider-Man: Homecoming scenes. But seeing Apa dressed as the hero is sure to delight plenty of fans, and maybe make some clamor for a cameo from Apa in Spider-Man: Homecoming's sequel.

Apa might not play a traditional superhero on Riverdale, but Archie did take a pretty big step towards becoming one in last week's episode. In response to the attacks from The Black Hood, Archie formed his own vigilante squad known as The Red Circle.

Inspired by superheroes from Archie Comics lore, The Red Circle's goal is patrolling the town and keeping its citizens safe. Whether or not they succeed, especially with The Black Hood's vendetta further complicating in next week's episode, remains to be seen.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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