'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Just Broke His Nose Again

Tom Holland Breaks Nose Chaos Walking

As Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland openly states in the Instagram story below: people may say acting is easy, but it can sure get messy! Holland's claim came as he displayed a very broken nose - the third in his acting career.

Tom Holland broken nose #3. Possibly filming Avengers 4?? (Insta Story) from marvelstudios

Holland was apparently injured during the last days of production on his upcoming film Chaos Walking, which we can only guess involved the sort of action or fight choreography that could result in such an injury. Chaos Walking stars Holland and Star Wars headliner Daisy Ridley, and is an adaptation of a novel by Patrick Ness, about a world in which there are no women, and all living things are afflicted by a psychic connectivity called Noise. When Holland's character discovers a young girl (Ridley) who brings silence to his Noise, it puts him at odds with the rest of society, and forces him to go on the run.

From that description (and Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman directing) it's easy to imagine a chase scene or fight scene in which Holland could tripped, caught a mistimed elbow, etc., which resulted in a broken nose. Howver, this could present a problem for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Production is currently underway on Avengers 4, in which Holland stars as Spider-Man. With no specifics on the actor's Avengers 4 shooting schedule, there no telling how the broken nose will affect things - but it's hard to imagine that the timing is great.

Chaos Walking hits theaters on March 1, 2019; Avengers 4 will be in theaters on May 3, 2019. We wish Tom Holland a speedy recovery.