'Agents of SHIELD' 100th Episode to Include Hive and Lash

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is close to airing its 100th episode and a couple of its biggest villains aren’t going to miss the occasion.

According to Entertainment Weekly, both Lash and Hive are expected to appear in Agents of SHIELD’s 100th episode, “The Real Deal.”

Lash and Hive were both Inhuman villains who played a role in the third season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Lash was portrayed by Matthew Willig but was actually the monstrous alter ego of Dr. Andrew Garner, Agent May’s ex-husband played by Blair Underwood. For a time, Garner switched back and forth between his human and Inhuman forms, hunting other Inhumans while Lash was in control. He became fully Lash once his terrigenesis completed. Though a monster, Lash sacrificed himself while freeing Quake from Hive’s influence and was killed by Hellfire.

Hive was a parasitic Inhuman who could possess the corpse of a dead human. He was once revered as a god on Earth, leading the Inhumans in their rebellion against their Kree creators. However, Hive was so powerful that even other Inhumans began to fear him. The Inhumans formed an alliance with normal humans and managed to banish Hive through a Kree monolith to the planet Maveth. Those still loyal to Hive formed the organization that would come to be known as Hydra. Hydra’s purpose was to bring Hive back to Earth.

Where Hydra failed for generations, Agent Phil Coulson accidentally succeeded. Coulson killed Grant Ward on Maveth, inadvertently providing Hive with a new host body it could use to travel through the monolith portal and back to Earth. It was only the noble sacrifice of Lincoln Campbell that ended Hive’s threat for good.

There was no confirmation in EW's report about whether Brett Dalton would return to reprise his role as Ward as Hive’s host. Dalton was one of the original main cast members on Agents of SHIELD. Even though he died with Hive in season three, Dalton returned as Ward in the Framework in the final storyline of SHIELD’s fourth season. Fans would likely appreciate the SHIELD writers finding a way to bring him back again for this milestone episode.

SHIELD’s 100th episode will also finally reveal the exact nature of Coulson’s deal with Ghost Rider.


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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on March 2nd.