'Agents of SHIELD': SPOILER Get Married

Tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD gave fans a romantic moment 100 episodes in the making.

SPOILERS for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “The Real Deal”, follow.

Tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD finally gave fans a moment that fans have been waiting years for, but that it seemed like may never happen.

When Agents of SHIELD began, Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz were close friends and co-workers, finishing each other's sentences and working in tandem as practically a singular mind called “FitzSimmons.”

Fitz at first had a crush on Skye, but a shared near-death experience awakened feelings between Fitz and Simmons that were more than platonic or professional, especially after Fitz nearly lost his own life trying to save Simmons.

It took until the end of Season Two for Fitz to finally open up about his feelings for Simmons, just in time for Simmons to be taken by a Kree monolith and sent to the planet Maveth on the other side of the universe. Even that couldn’t keep them apart though. Fitz found a way to bring Simmons home.

Even after that, the road wasn’t easy. When the SHIELD team became trapped in the virtual world of the Framework, Fitz became the evil Doctor, one of the leaders of Hydra, and romantically involved with Madame Hydra. Once that problem was solved, Simmons was sent decades into the future while Fitz was left behind.

Again, Fitz found a way back to Simmons, cryogenically sleeping until he caught up with Simmons in time. Fitz ended up asking Simmons to marry him. After being reminded of his own mortality, Phil Coulson encouraged Fitz not to waste any more time.

The story of “The Real Deal” involved the destruction of three Kree monoliths creating a tear in spacetime that gave manifest to each member of the SHIELD team’s greatest fears. The greatest fear for Deke, after growing up exclusively in the Lighthouse bunker in a dystopian future, was a beautiful forest meadow.

After Coulson managed to seal the space-time rift, the meadow remained in the Lighthouse for at least a little while longer. It was there that Fitz and Simmons’ wedding took place. Coulson officiated the ceremony with all of the SHIELD family in attendance. Fitz and Simmons exchanged vows, with Fitz noting that he’s the luckiest man on any planet.


Fitz and Simmons also exchanged rings. The rings were acquired by Deke during a special mission on Coulson’s behalf. Deke mentions that the ring he got for Simmons looked a lot like the ring his grandmother used to wear in the future, hinting that Simmons and Fitz are his grandparents. Genetic testing done by the Blue Raven team confirmed it.

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