'Days of Future Past' HeroClix Event Announced

HeroClix is about to take a trip to the darkest mutant timeline.

This summer, WizKids will feature a Days of Future organized play event for its popular superhero tabletop strategy game.

The Marvel HeroClix: Days of Future Past Storyline Organized Play event will run for three months, from July to September. Players competing in the event can win Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards. Players will accumulate points across all three months with the highest-scoring player at the event being named the champion and winning the Tri-Sentinel Colossal figure.

Tri-Sentinel HeroClix

The Tri-Sentinel has never appeared in HeroClix before and, though Sentinels are a big part of the “Days of Future Past” story from Uncanny X-Men #141-142, the Tri-Sentinel is actually not connected to that story. Instead, the Tri-Sentinel is from the era when Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club was producing Sentinels through his company. At the time, Loki had a vendetta against the X-Men. After his plans during the Acts of Vengeance event were foiled, Loki became frustrated and magically merged together Sentinels Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI to create the Tri-Sentinel. He set it to hunt down mutants, but Spider-Man found it first and, having recently been endowed with the powers of Captain Universe, defeated the robotic monstrosity.

If you don’t end up winning a Tri-Sentinel, don’t fret. The colossal HeroClix piece will be available as a retail release in January 2019 at a price point of $24.99.

Stores participating in the Days of Future Past Storyline Organized Play event are eligible to order one Tri-Sentinel for first place champion and another as a flex prize to be distributed at the store’s discretion. Each Days of Future Past Storyline Organized Play Kit comes with three “Wanted Poster” ID cards for competitive prizes and 10 participation prizes. What these participation prizes actually look like has not been revealed.


The announcement follows shortly after the announced of the next Marvel HeroClix set, Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars - Battleworld, which will be based on the setting of the 2015 Marvel Secret Wars event series.

The next Marvel HeroClix set, Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity, releases in May. You see three exclusive figure previews here.