Marvel Debuts First Chinese Super Heroes and Their Powers

If there is one thing that the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther have shown it's that China loves superheroes. Both films had strong openings in China and now Marvel is hoping for the same kind of success in comic books as well, rolling out their first Chinese superheroes.

Marvel, teamed up with the comics arm of Chinese internet gaming giant NetEase, released two sets of new comics featuring original Chinese superheroes co-created with Marvel. This marks the first time that Marvel has featured Chinese characters as heroes in their own right as opposed to supporting characters or villains. These new characters are the result of a partnership deal between NetEase and Marvel last year that allowed NetEase to bring various Marvel comics -- including Captain America: Steve Rogers, Civil War, and Iron Man -- to readers in China.

The first new comic, whose title translates to Warriors of Three Sovereigns, tells the story of 18-year-old Lin Lie who takes up a powerful ancient sword to battle an ancient evil being based on Chiyou, a tyrant who ruled China two thousand years ago. Lin Lie's adventure will see him seek out his archaeologist father -- after he fights a zombie disguised as a delivery many as he leaves home. The second title is Cyclone. Cyclone features Lei Ling -- known as Cyclone -- who can feel and control air currents. She's also the guardian of an Eastern financial hub and destroys a building-turned-golem in her first adventure. Both titles feature supporting cast for the heroes including two descendants of ancient Chinese gods in Warriors of Three Sovereigns while Cyclone has a rock-controlling warrior known as "Furious Me" and a mysterious woman who can "alter the attributes of things" in Cyclone.


The comics were created by Chinese artists and writers with revision and support from Marvel's editorial team and are expected to be published in the United States as well. And even with the focus being on these new, Chinese characters in distinctively Chinese stories, there are still connections to the Marvel Universe, too. The first issue of Warriors of Three Sovereigns has a small Marvel Easter egg -- Iron Man's mask in Lin Lie's bedroom.

[ H/T: Quartzy ]