'Cloak & Dagger' Season Finale Post-Credits Scene Revealed

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Cloak & Dagger's first season finale would go all in on the Marvel formula, and contain a post-credits scene. Sure enough, when tonight's finale came to a close, there was a scene after the show's logo came across the screen, and it was perhaps the biggest moment of the episode.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Season 1 finale! Continue reading at your own risk...

During the finale, Detective Brigid O'Reilly (Emma Lahana) was seemingly killed, thanks to some gunshots from a dirty cop, and an explosion involving Roxxon's chemicals. The same chemicals that gave Tandy and Tyrone their powers eight years prior.

Fortunately, O'Reilly wasn't totally done for, and she returned with a vengeance in the post-credits scene.

On the bank of the river, a bee hovered around a flower that was sticking up out of the mud. A hand comes up and smashes both the bee and the flower. As expected, the hand belongs to O'Reilly, and she pulls herself up to the shore.

As you probably noticed, there was something different about O'Reilly. Her eyes were a bright, glowing green, and she had some sort of glitching motion as she walked off into the woods.

This scene was the "Mayhem" moment that was teased in the Season 2 renewal announcement. In the comics, O'Reilly becomes a villain/vigilante named Mayhem, who has a dangerous amount of power.

According to showrunner Joe Pokaski, this post-credits scene was in the cards as they planned the whole season.


"Honestly, that was very early," Pokaski told ComicBook.com of the decision to include the scene. "We knew that we were gonna do Mayhem. It just felt like, 'What do we want to see as TV viewers?' Marvel cinematic universe does it so well. I remember people were talking about when I was on Daredevil all those years ago season one we had talked about doing it and this felt so right. We loved the idea of starting with the bee and making out the kind of cool thing that it's hard probably to tell with the light is that the place where Mayhem comes up at the end is exactly where the little girl walked in with the basket in the very very first - you know the show? So there was a cool symmetry with that. I think we got so excited we put it there and God bless the people at Marvel for letting me put the title card before it."

Mayhem will be a major part of Tandy and Tyrone's story when Cloak & Dagger returns for its second season on Freeform in Spring 2019.