Finn Jones Says 'Iron Fist' Season 2 Ending Begs for Season 3

Iron Fist season 2 is about to premiere on Netflix, but series star Finn Jones is already promoting Iron Fist season 3!

Jones was out doing press for Iron Fist season 2, and during an interview with CBS News, he was asked if he was hoping for a season 3 renewal, to which he had a very impassioned response:

"F*ck yeah! Sorry... Yeah of course man. We would love to see a season 3, especially where the story goes this season, and where the characters end at the end of season 2? Like it is just begging for a season 3. Like you can't not want to see what happens more with these characters."

Jones' co-star and Colleen Wing actress Jessica Henwick added that, "Season 2 ends on a big - not a cliffhanger, but a big tease."

As final elaboration, Jones teases that the end of Iron Fist season 2, "takes it in a completely different direction that I don't think fans will expect, and creatively it allows us to continue to tell a great story."

However, one final quote from the Iron Fist stars may leave Marvel Comics fans with some major concerns, as Henwick teases that by the end of season 2 "We're off book," and Jones backing that with, "We're totally off book!"

Iron Fist has probably had the hardest struggle of any Marvel Netflix series to find legitimacy with audiences, so hearing that the series is going "off book" will understandably cause some fans to have a knee-jerk reaction to the notion, while generally leaving us all wondering what "off book" could mean, exactly, in the context of Danny Rand's story. To be fair, Luke Cage season 2 left off in a similarly "off book" place, with (Spoiler!) Luke taking the throne as the new ruling crimeboss of Harlem. Its not something we saw in the comics, but fans have been excited by the prospect of that story arc will mean for Luke Cage season 3 - or for his next meeting with the ohter Marvel Netflix characters.


...That's all to say: Danny Rand could definitely end up in a new and exciting place that the comics never explored, but will work well in the context of the Marvel Cineamtic Universe.

We'll soon know, as Iron Fist season 2 premieres on September 7th, on Netflix.