Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)


Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)

Save 'Daredevil' Petition Surpasses Petition to Save 'Shadowhunters'

In the age of social media, it only takes the slightest of efforts to spread a message. When a television show gets canceled, it ends up sending shockwaves through digital media, especially if the victims of cancellation have massive followings on all platforms.

When it comes to Daredevil and Shadowhunters, each of the shows grew tremendous fan bases across digital media. The second each of the shows were canceled, fans sprung into action in an attempt to save their respective shows.

Before long, petitions surfaced online that asked fellow fans to sign in hopes some executive at a network or streaming platform would notice the outpouring of support. Now, the #SaveDaredevil petition has surpassed the total signatures collected on its much-older Shadowhunters counterpart.

As of this writing, the Daredevil petition is now north of 165,000 signatures. The five-weeks-old petition has bested that of Shadowhunters, which has been hovering around 163,000. In comparison, the Shadowhunters petition has been listed on Change.org for the better part of seven months.

Both shows have gained quite the cult following in their relatively short runs. Shadowhunters — based on Cassandra Clares' The Mortal Instruments series — ran for three seasons on Freeform before being sent to the chopping block. Though canceled, Freeform ordered two additional episodes of the show to properly wrap up its storyline.

Daredevil also ran for three seasons but unlike its Freeform counterpart, Netflix hasn't announced any plans to film extra episodes to wrap up any loose ends — a move the streaming giant more than likely won't make.

Both petitions have received major promotional help from the cast of the respective shows. In the case of Daredevil, series star Charlie Cox told fans to look up the #SaveDaredevil petition and sign it.

"I found out the other day there's this petition, #SaveDarevil," Cox mentioned in his panel at ACE Comic Con. "You can sign it. Sign it!"


For Shadowhunters, the series seemingly cleaned house at this year's People's Choice Awards. Not only was the show named Television Show of the Year, but series lead Katherine McNamara also walked away with the Female TV Star of 2018 award while costar Harry Shum Jr. won Male TV Star of 2018. The show was also nominated for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy show, an award it lost to SYFY's Wynnona Earp.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now available for streaming on Netflix. The first two and a half seasons of Shadowhunters can be seen on Hulu. The second half of Shadowhunters season three — including the two-episode series finale — is set to premiere on Freeform on February 25th.