'Avengers: Endgame' Star Mark Ruffalo Shows Support For Co-Spoiler Tom Holland's New 'Spider-Man' Movie

The spoiler-bros are back at it again...well, kind of. Mark Ruffalo, the Incredible Hulk himself, took to Twitter this evening to voice his support for Tom Holland.

Ruffalo, an MCU actor with the reputation for spoiling potential plot points, revealed he "can't wait" for Far From Home to hit theaters this summer.

Of course, Holland isn't one to bottle everything up either — the actor has his own habit of revealing details at the most inopportune times. Though, as of late, Sony has started using the reputation to their advantage.

The two have joked with each other over the past few years about who's the worst at keeping Marvel secrets. In fact, the Russo Brothers even jokingly fired Ruffalo from any future movies for his loose lips problem.

Joe and Anthony Russo previously mentioned that they try to keep secrets from the cast members not to be sneaky and all, but rather, ease the burden of them not having to carry spoilers and end up cracking under pressure.

“It is very difficult when your job is to sort of personalize these stories, personalize these characters, and sort of bring all your creative, collaborative energy to a process that lasts many, many months — sometimes more than a year — it’s a big part of your life,” Anthony Russo said during an Avengers: Infinity War screening and Q&A hosted by Collider.

“So it’s very hard not to talk about this stuff, because you live with it for so long and you live with it so deeply. We have developed a process where you take pressure off of people by letting them know less. It’s less responsibility they have to edit themselves, so we’ve developed an elaborate process by which we try to only let people know what they absolutely need to know. And it makes a little bit easier for them to edit themselves.”


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Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 5th. Other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies being released this year include Captain Marvel on March 8th and Avengers: Endgame on April 26th.