'SpiderMan: Far From Home' LEGO Sets Reveal Potential Spoilers

LEGO sets have revealed new elements from a movie before it releases in times past, and a new set might have just revealed a big sequence in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Granted, sometimes scenes, characters, or vehicles in LEGO sets don't ultimately make it into the movie, but if it does it looks as if we'll be treated to a sequence in the sky. LEGO officially revealed three new sets for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will all hit stores on April 22nd (via ComingSoon.net). The first two sets we've seen before, but it's the third set that caught our eye.

The first set is the Molten Man Battle set, which features Spider-Man and Mysterio as they attempt to stop the massive Molten Man. The second set is the Hydro-Man Attack set, and featur5es Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Hydro-Man, as well as a mini-figure of Mysterio.

The third set though is called the Stark Jet and the Drone Attack set, and features mini-figures of Spider-Man, Mysterio, Nick Fury, and Happy Hogan. The figures can be placed inside of the super Stark jet and it comes with two enemy drones the heroes can take down. The official description reads "Defend Venice against drone attacks with Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, Mysterio, Spider-Man, and the super Stark Jet!"

(Photo: LEGO)

As you can see in the images the cockpit opens up so you can sit Happy Hogan and Nick Fury inside, and features a passenger seat for Spider-Man. It also has a hatch that you can attach Spider-Man's web to and a storage compartment for 3 buildable bombs. It also features adjustable wings and two stud shooters.

(Photo: LEGO)

The first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer did give us our first look at the Fire and Water elementals in the movie, but it didn't actually show them as people. The mini-figures give a different impression, as the Hydro-Man figure is actually a person at the center of all the water. We're excited to see how that translates to the big screen, but the plane sequence could definitely show up before the credits roll.

Having a fight in the air based around an airplane would be something new and novel for the Marvel movies, though we aren't sure who would be sending the drones if not Mysterio himself. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5th.



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