Agents of SHIELD: Here's Everything We Learned About Sarge in Season Six, Episode 2

The second episode of Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season has come to an end, and fans are one step closer to learning who Sarge really is. The character played by Clark Gregg looks exactly like the late, great Agent Phil Coulson, and the mystery of his true identity is beginning to unfold. While we still don’t know exactly who Sarge is, “Window of Opportunity” provided a little more insight into his character.

During the episode, the newest member of the SHIELD team, Dr. Marcus Benson (Barry Shabaka Henley), discovered that Sarge’s DNA is an exact match of Coulson’s, which rules out the theory that he could’ve been an LMD (the life-model decoys that played a heavy role in the show’s fourth season). Benson also suggested that the real Coulson never actually died, but Agent May was adamant that she was with him “until the very end.”

Later in the episode, May confronts Sarge, and even though this is her second time seeing him in the flesh, she cannot help but be shocked. The way she says “Coulson?” when she sees him implies that there could be more to the character than we think. Especially since Sarge later revealed that while he has no idea what “Coulson” means, it “rings a bell.” Whether he’s lying to his team or is suffering from memory loss, we can't completely rule out the possibility that Sarge is the real Coulson.

However, the most likely scenario is that Sarge is a version of Coulson from an alternate reality. The latest Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer indicated there’s a multiverse in the MCU, and we already know that alternate timelines were created in Avengers: Endgame (the Russo Brothers recently confirmed that Loki created a new timeline when he escaped with the Tesseract).

We also learned this week that Sarge and his team need P.E.G's or Piezoelectric Gems, which appear to power some of their very impressive tech. Sarge has a pretty intense gun, the ability to travel through worlds, and a weapon that creates doorways seemingly to anywhere.

No matter who Sarge is, one thing is quickly becoming clear: he’s not a great guy. “Wherever these people came from, I think they destroyed it,” Dr. Benson declares after watching a video of Sarge on another planet. Of course, there’s always a chance that Sarge is actually here to do good. His team mentioned the destruction of Earth, but maybe there’s more to it than we think. Agents of SHIELD has pulled the bait and switch before.


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