Touching MCU Spider-Man and Iron Man Fan Art Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

It's hard to deny that Tony Stark/Iron Man's (Robert Downey Jr.) death in Avengers: Endgame sent shockwaves throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A new piece from BossLogic, which you can check out below, highlights one of the most heartbreaking side effects of that. The piece shows Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) standing in front of the MCU's infamous shawarma restaurant, where he spots Tony's reflection in the window.

Considering the mentor-mentee role that Tony and Peter grew to have over the course of the MCU, fans have assumed that the young superhero will be profoundly impacted by Tony's death. Going into this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home, it sounds like that question will be a focus.

“His presence is very much felt. And [Peter] still obviously references this is the suit Tony gave him,” producer Eric Carroll told press during a Far From Home set visit. “Tony and Happy help him out in many ways along this movie — he’s very present, he’s just not in the movie.”

Outside of just being an emotional Tony/Peter tribute, the piece is littered with other Easter eggs about where Phase 4 is expected to head, between homages to Fantastic Four and Deadpool and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) passing by the reflection of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the window as well.


"There are some ideas [for Phase Four]," MCU producer Nate Moore told last year. "I think without giving anything away, we're at the point now with Marvel as a company looking for what happens post-Avengers 4, and there are a lot of ideas on the table that are really exciting. Some are characters you've met before, some are wholly new characters. And now, it's just for us internal getting our ducks in a row and deciding whose doing what and when these franchises will end up in sort of the larger timeline. So there are things I'm working on, but as a bigger question, we're just trying to figure out what happens post Phase three."

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now. Spider-Man: Far From Home will land in theaters on July 2nd.