Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Competes With James Corden to Be the Best Waiter

Actor Chris Hemsworth hails from Australia, though his on-screen persona as Thor, one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, has taken him all across the galaxy and nine realms to thwart villains. In his latest film, Men in Black: International, the actor continues to travel across the globe to defend the planet, all while dressed in a sharp suit. James Corden's The Late Late Show is currently visiting London, making the perfect opportunity for Hemsworth to drop by to show off his international appeal while dressed to the nines. Hemsworth and Corden put their charisma to the test as waiters to see who had what it took to be the top server, which you can see in the video above.

The video is described, "James and Men in Black: International star Chris Hemsworth head to The Northall in London for a battery of tests to see who is the better restaurant employee. From greeting guests to serving food, Chris and James create a dining experience no patron that day will ever forget."

In his earlier major Hollywood roles, Hemsworth had a commanding and intense on-screen presence, with films like Ghostbusters and Thor: Ragnarok allowing him to embrace his more comedic sensibilities. The actor previously revealed that it was Ragnarok director Taika Waititi who taught him to embrace the sillier side of acting.

“I found when I first got to Hollywood, I had this idea of, ‘This is what a leading man has to be, speak this way, and act this way,’ and be a little bit tortured or something," Hemsworth shared with BUILD Series. "Even in the work I was doing, I felt myself kind of restricted and playing by these rules I had sort of set for what I thought was the archetype for what was gonna work."

He added, “I then played in Thor 1, and there was comedy in that, there was a great sort of fish out of water quality to it, but there was a Shakespearean element too which was a little bit more sort of serious — and I love that film, I’m so proud of it. And through the other versions of Thor, and it was my doing, I started to restrict it a bit more and felt a little bit kind of trapped in applying these things I thought I had to be — cool, strong and so on.”

That more comedic side of Thor became a huge hit, with Ragnarok becoming the most successful entry in the Thor franchise.

“By the time I got to Thor: Ragnarok, I spoke to Taika Waititi, the director on the film, and I’m like, ‘I’m just, I’m so sick of myself.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m sick of you too,’” Hemsworth admitted. “And I think the character is so much more and I said, ‘Let’s dismantle this thing, let’s destroy it, throw out everything and be totally comfortable with making a fool of ourselves.’”


Both Avengers: Endgame and Men in Black: International are in theaters now.

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